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o▓f the land in value, and have▓ awarded her that.It is too delightful!{▓343} and she is so happy,

the most deli

and we are a●ll so happy, for the idea of g▓iving up Chicora was dreadful, and we feared the●y would think it too valuable for▓ a sixth.It has all to be repaired as th▓e house is all torn to pieces●, but Mamma has been so wonderful th●at she has invested more than a thous?/p>

nd all thei?/span>
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坅nd dollars every year of the school, and sh●e has begged Brother to engage ca▓rpenters and begin t

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he restoration o●f the house and out-buildings at once, s●o that it will be ready for u●s next winter.I only

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wish my heart was● not so heavy about going. Th▓e packing up of all our belongings was a ▓tremendous business, but in this a

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s in every▓thing else Charley was most efficient, a●nd he did it with a good heart, as● it was the greatest happiness● to

him that we were moving bac●k to Chicora, and that he was going ●to plant the place.Jinty was also perfe▓ctly happy, the thought of being able to live on▓ horseback once more filled her with joy.I▓, only, was downhearted; to me hum▓an nature had become more inte

- Duncan Shaw

res▓ting than plain nature, and peo●ple more fascinating than plan▓ts.So I determined to apply f●or a place as music-teacher in the tow●n of union, S.C., which had● been held by a very charming

? Ann Johnson

friend of mine ●who played beautifully, Caro Ravenel.The ▓family did not ap{344}prove of my doing th●is as mamma thought I needed▓ rest; anyway, we were to go to the pineland f●or the summe

? John Doe
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r and I would not have to l●eave for union until the autumn. I remember ●well the last Sunday we were to be● in Charleston; during the service I was so move▓d that I had to put down my he●avy veil to conceal my tears! Just at this ti▓me a most wonderful thing happened: ●mamma got a letter from our cousin, John Earl ●Allston, of Brooklyn, N.Y., saying:● “My dear Cousin: “I have pla●ced to your credit in the Bank of Charleston th●e sum of $5,000, which I hope▓ will be useful to you. “Y▓ou need feel no sense of obligati▓on in receiving it,

for it is not one-half ●of what my Cousin Robert, your husband, di▓d for me and mine in the past.When my▓ mother’s house was to be sold ▓over her head, he bought it in ▓and gave it to her, and many other things he did▓ for us, and it is a great pleasure to me to b▓e able to do this for his widow and family. 癖 Of course, this was as grea▓t a blessing as it was a surprise.It▓ so happened that my mother had,{345} in lookin▓g over some old papers recently, come upon● a letter to my father, with a m▓emorandum on the back in papa〃埊s handwriting: “Appli

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cation from J●ohn E.All

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ston, for an increase in the a●

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Nathan Searles

mount of allowance made to

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Zeke Howard

hi●s brother Washington, a

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s his health is much ●worse, and the expenses heavier; have direc●ted that it be in future $500, instead of $30●0,

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as heretofore.” But she knew nothi●ng about the purchase of the home. ▓ It was too wonderful that this gr▓eat go

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od luck and mercy should ▓come to us just at this moment,● when it would enable mamma to buy things ▓necessary to t

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he beginning of the planting; f▓or she not only had to repair● the house at Chicora, but she would have to buy▓ in

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her own horses and cows and o●xen (which last are absolutely necessary to ▓ploughing the rice-lands, as ▓their clov

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en hoofs do not sink in the boggy● land, in which a horse would go down hop▓elessly); also ploughs and harr▓ows and

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wagons and carriages, all had to b▓e paid for; so dear, unknown Cousin John▓ had chosen the psychic momen▓t to appear as deus ex machina. Afterward Co●usin John visited mamma at Chicora Wood,● and we came to know and love ▓him.He told with the most beautiful simplici▓ty of the long and terrible str●uggle he had to make a liv{346}ing; like many an▓ Allston he la

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cked entirely the c●ommercial instinct, and it was much▓ easier for him to spend money than▓ to make it; but he had managed t●o have a home in Brooklyn, and supp▓ort his wife and one daughter i●n very moderate comfort, until this adored onl●y child reached the age of sixteen; then she gre●w pale and thin, without life, or spirit, or ▓appetit

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e, and terror seized the parents; the doc●tor called in said: “She must tr▓avel; this city air is killing▓ her.Take her away at once to the mountains▓, and you may save her.” He had presc▓ribed what to him seemed simple,▓ but to the distracted father,▓ who was straining every nerve ju

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s●t to provide daily food, it was utterly out of ●reach! John Earl Allston had● a very rich uncle, his mother’s brother,▓ but once in the past, being in● distress for money, he had written to ●ask a loan from him, not a large sum, and promi▓sing to pay by a certain date, when his● income should come next.He▓ not only did not receive the loan, but t●he refusal

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was almost insulting, to the e▓ffect that he, the uncle, had worked for his ▓money, and he strongly advised his nephew to do▓ the same, and not try to borrow.So Cousin John▓ knew there was no use to apply to him again, an▓d there was{347} no one else; the war wa●s going on, and so my fat


her ●was not accessible, and he had just to wat▓ch his darling fade away and die.The▓n his wife was so agonized over the misery ▓of seeing death creep nearer and nearer an▓d finally take her lovely ch▓ild, that her health gave way.The do●ctor when called made the

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?was notified that he had inherited ●a fortune! It was most terrible to ▓him.All that money, one hundredth part of whic▓h could have saved his beloved wife and daught▓er, to spend on himself alone! It was truly ▓dust and ashes, and intensified● his sorrow.Then, when he found himself gettin●g bitter and unlike himself, he called ●a halt.“Cousin,” he said, “I▓ made up my mind to spend my time in

giving a●way my money while I was alive, and have at leas●t the enjoyment of making people happy ●by a little timely present, and▓ you don’t know how their letters ●have helped me, for I find so many▓ to whom a few thousand dollars are as gre●at a boon and relief as a few hundred would{▓348} have been to me in my poverty.I did not k●now how much happiness I was going to get ou●t of it.” I think this is● a good place t

o stop, for all o●f us were happy in the thought that my dea●r mother’s laborious life as the head of a lar●ge school was to end so happily, and tha●t she would be able to rest and● have time for the reading sh●e so loved, and return to the c▓ountry life which had become seco●nd nature to her, though conditions we▓re so greatly changed, and she would● certainly not have

to complain of too many ●servants.I hope I have draw▓n her portrait and that of my father clearl▓y enough for their children’s grand▓children and great-grandchildren to f▓orm some idea of their characters.It is with ●that hope and desire I have draw●n this imperfect sketch, and I wil●l be perfectly repaid for my effort●s if I succeed in interesting them in the past●. CHAPTER XXXIII DADDY ANCRU▓M’S STORY I ASKED Daddy An

crum to▓ come some day and tell me all he could▓ remember about the past, and this morning whil●e I was reading the lessons to Clarinda in ●the front piazza we saw him coming th●rough the gate, dressed in his Sunday clothes▓, with a very clean white shirt a▓nd a rather battered derby, but● worn with such an air that you knew it wa▓s superfine and not worn every da▓y.I wish I had a picture of the old

man; s●eems to me he has such a lovely face i●n his old age; his figure is n▓ow bent, but up to a few years ago it was ●very erect and powerful.Old as ●he is, he gives me a better day’s work th●an any of the young ones.This is what he t▓old me: My mudder and fader wa●s Ancrum and Henny, bought from ▓Mr.Withers after de storm.The creditor● come in and we haf fu sell.M▓y ma tell me I ben five year▓ old the March after t

he big storm.M▓aussa was a big man, he was ▓just as supple, why maussa st▓an’ too fine.When he walk in Georgetown ●every man and woman had{350} to look ●’pon hum.When I cum to Georg▓etown dere was only two full sel▓ling stores in town.All was big house for▓ lib in.When dem bring we to town for se●ll, dem put up all de fambly, m▓y uncle, my aunty, my pa, my ma, and der●

cousin all together.Ole Mister● Ben Allston come up to maussa and ●trow ’e arm round maussa neck, and he say●: “Robert, step forward, the old Indigo Ban▓k ain’t bruk yet.” Den maussa ▓gon up and ’e buy we all; Mr.Waterm●an want to buy me for mek pi▓lot on de sea, and he offer one tousand do●lla, but maussa woodn’ let him ha▓ve me.Ole maussa used to live ●in dat little house you got for study house.● Maussa used to ha

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ve all we ●chillun cum to de house and bring a● shell and fill um with molasses, and we c●hillun ben dat happy and play round and ma●ussa ben in de piazza and drop sleep, and ▓we chillun lauf and say: “Luk a’● buckra de sleep.” De fust chile I ●min’ ben Clanda Ma Maria.When I tak dat▓ chile fu nurse ober ribber I● see maussa been dat supple dat I seen him▓ myself jump

across dat kene●l.Den he choose me to send me up to Marion to● old Uncle Joe, ’bout two miles from Warhee●.I ben dey when maussa married and de nex’ yea▓h, when he gwine to de mounting▓, him gone trough day for see de plac●e,{351} and when he bring miss and Mas’▓ Ben just been ole nuff fu miss to travel, an▓d Amy ben a nussing, Maum Mill●y and Da Jeam’s sister.Uncle J

oe send me ▓fu bring de colt out de field and I bring dem ●up so miss can see dem.Uncle ▓Joe pint to me and he say: “●Robert, that’s a smart boy.Please God ●you must take good care of him.” Den mauss▓a laff and say “Yes.” Dem eat dinner under ▓de wagon shed an de two sarvan, Amy the ▓nuss and Hynes dribe de wagon, de J●osey wagon, and maussa dribe de carriage.N▓o, di

dn’t ben a carriage, ben a baruche, wid● de top tun back.Dem gon on after dinner—d▓en I nebber seen miss or maussa till I he▓ar say de place in Marion sel●l to Mr.Tommy Godbald.Maussa ha▓d a hundred head of cattle and Mauma ●Milly mild 30 head ebery year and send do▓wn butter to miss and ebery year Uncle ▓Joe drive from 60 to 100 head o’ hog.Dem ●had 500 acre of wild la

nd—Oh, my Lawd, if you w▓anna see plum you must go dey, an 癔 apple an’ peach an’ waln●ut an’ eberyting to eat.Bob been a big y●oung man, an Peter and Sampson and Da▓vid, dem ben an’ outlan’ people Afrik●an, one ben Gullah and one ben a Guinea▓—the Gullah ben a cruel people—and de Fullah ▓ben a cruel people, but Guin▓ea ben a tough{352} workin’ people, an’ Mil▓l

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